E-mail questions here.  As we receive your questions we will reply to your e-mail & post the answers here:

Q: Competitive Runner?  Fun Runner?  Or somewhere in between?

Competitive runner? Harrigan’s is a chip-timed start … chip-based start times are determined by the instant your chip crosses the start line, not at the sound of the starting gun. Fast runners always need to position themselves as close to the front as possible anyway to minimize being impeded.

Q: How can I verify that my mail-in registration was received and processed?

Great question! The short answer is that all registrations wind up on the Speedy-Feet registration page (use this link, scroll down to the Harrigan’s 5k event, then head over to the lower right, locate and click on “View Participants”) … then scan down the list to verify yours has been posted.

The longer answer is that it can never be as timely as an online registration.  Your mailed-in registration arrives a couple of days after it is mailed, then it is batched with others from that week … more or less … , and then sent to Speedy Feet where it is uploaded. Your check goes into an envelope with other checks and at some point is delivered Greene Giving for deposit, so your check won’t clear until even later.  Online registration is best!

Don’t be concerned – it all works out given time – and once you see your registration on Speedy Feet’s list, you are IN!

Q: Hello, I have a question regarding volunteers. I am a social work student at OSU and looking for some volunteer hours along with another student. We were wondering if you needed any volunteers for the event. We are both available and would love to help anyway we can!

A: We can sure use your help! Would you be willing to staff a corner & cheer the runners/walkers as they pass by you? In 2010, for the first time we had enough volunteers to do that, and even though it was pouring rain, the spirit of the event was just huge largely because of the cheering corners. By 2011, we had every corner well-staffed, and are planning to do it again this year.

Q:I was just wondering how the awards are determined.

A: Our awards are the best! Gold, silver, and almost-bronze for males and females in each age catergory: 9 and under; 10-14; 15-19; 20-24; 25-29; 30-34; … 65-69; 70 and up, PLUS top 3 overall and top Master.

Q: Can wheelchairs participate in the Harrigan’s 5k?

A: Absolutely! Chairs – crank or push – can either start 1 minute ahead of the official start, and stay to the left to minimize any chance of injury, or can start late. This year, we hope to have bicycle escorts for each chair, provided that we know how many have registered.  Harrigan’s is all at street level except for the elevated booths, so wheelchairs can access Harrigan’s full services.

Q: Is it OK to bring a baby stroller?

A: Of course! Just be sensitive to other participants who are treating the event as a competitive one so you don’t accidentally impede them. Also, you should know that the City has asked us to move walkers from the road to the sidewalk once the clutch of runners has passed. If you plan to walk with a stroller, you might want to check out how difficult it might be to negotiate the curbs … we’ll try to check that out and let you know before the event.

Q: Is it OK to bring a dog?

A: We discourage runners from bringing dogs, mainly for safety reasons. Any leash has the potential to interfere with and cause injury to other runners.

Q: If strollers are OK but dogs are discouraged, can I bring my mother-in-law?

A: Yes, as long as she does not need to be restrained by a leash.

Q: Are discounts available to any of the local running clubs?

A: No, we are not offering discounts on the Harrigan’s 5k Charity Run.

Q: Some of the people in our group are walkers – are walkers welcome at the Harrigan’s Charity 5k?

A: You bet! Probably half of the participants walk some or all of the course. Just bear in mind that the City of Kettering has asked us to move walkers to the sidewalk after the main group of runners has passed so that they can re-open the street to vehicular traffic.

Q: Is there any age limit for participation?

A: No – in fact, we have medals for winners of all age categories including 0 – 9, 10 – 19, etc.