What a FABULOUS Harrigan’s 5k this year turned out to be!

Didn’t we have a great time on Saturday?

It was a gloriously warm and pleasant day for everyone. Just maybe it was a reward to all of us that have soldiered through the more typical March weather of prior years’ runs. How great to see the spring running gear on full display!

Items of interest:

  • Mark you calendar for next year’s run: March 11, 2017
  • Results have been posted on Speedy-Feet
  • Unclaimed medals can be picked up at Up & Running through the end of March
  • All runners will receive an e-mail with discount coupons for the 14th Young’s Charity Bike Tour
  • And while the biggest sale day ever at K&G Bike Center concluded on the 12th, all 2016 bikes will be on sale through the end of March for the same 10% off deal, so if you missed it, you haven’t really missed it just yet
  • Financially speaking, we had another great year for the charities, for whom we all either do the run or volunteer for it.

Thanks to all the runners & walkers, and special thanks to all the volunteers. Be proud of what you each have accomplished and contributed to our charities.