Volunteer to help :-)

Do you want to help out with the event? If so, let us know here. We will need to know how many of you there are including name, phone #, and e-mail address for each. Give us a clue as to what your preferences are (see below) and who you want to work with (minimum of two volunteers per corner, for example). By all means, come dressed up in costume in the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day if you wish.

We will be contacting last year’s volunteers to ask if they are willing to help out again – but not everyone will be able to, so here are the needs:

  • Parking: With over 1000 runners, getting all the cars directed to the available parking area is important. 4-6 volunteers are needed to direct traffic before the event starts. After the parking is finished, these volunteers will move to the finish line and help collect timing chips from the runners’ shoes right after they come through the gate. The traffic volunteers need to be available from ~7:30 – ~9:30, and the runners will be through the finish line not later than 11:30.
  • Corner teams at each turn on the course: Volunteers at each corner (a) make sure the runners stay on course; (b) cheer the runners & walkers and make them feel GREAT; (c) can present a banner or signage if your organization is interested in doing that; and (d) after the majority of runners/walkers have passed by, gently urge the slower ones to move to the sidewalk to open passage for auto traffic (the Course Marshall tells volunteers when the time comes to move onto the sidewalks). We have 20 corners, four of which are committed to our charities and a couple more to sponsors, and we need volunteers for the rest.
  • We also have a water stop that needs to be staffed  6 – 10 people.

Corner & water stop staff will meet with the responsible course personnel at 8:45, then move to their corners/water stop for a Course Marshall inspection beginning at 9:10. The event is over for all practical purposes by 11:30.

The event is a total blast, and Harrigan’s opens early for beer for those interested 🙂